Spills and splodges. Messes and mishaps. Now's the time for the gentle, tender care of Jolly Tots Baby Wipes. Using purified water with no alcohol, Jolly Tots Baby Wipes are dermatologically tested, and recommended by mums and dads to keep your baby clean, fresh and smiling all day long.

Baby Wipes Clean & Protect

*Tested with 30 panelists in 2016

Baby Wipes Clean & Protect

Dermatologically tested and proven

Free from Parabens formulation, mild and gentle

Tested and Recommended by Moms & Dads*

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep skin soft and smooth

Formulated with purified water


  • Baby Wipes Clean on the GO
    Baby Wipes Clean on the GO
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    Baby Diapers
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    Cotton Buds